March 16, 2016



Spectrumlink prides itself if offering excellent customer service to every client when they need it most.

  • Golden Tote

    Golden Tote

    "I can attest to the fact that Spectrumlink is a different kind of ISP. They brought service into our building when the other big ISPs could not. Their customer service is top notch and the actual Internet service is perfect with no issues ever." Golden Tote

  • SPN Networks, Inc

    SPN Networks, Inc

    "We worked with many Internet Providers the last 14 years and we’ve had to deal with the good ones and the bad ones. Our clients come to us so that we can guide them on selecting the proper Internet provider to meet there requirement’s. We are glad to have had started working with Spectrum Link. They have been providing High Internet Data services for our customers, Installation has been seamless, update time has been great and the price is perfect. We will definitely keep referring them." --Ivan Fernandez, SPN Networks

  • TRP RealEstate Holding, Inc.

    TRP RealEstate Holding, Inc.

    "We began utilizing SpectrumLink, Inc. a little over a year ago. Since we signed the service contract, we have found their service, connection reliability, and speed outstanding! On a scale of 1 to 10, TRP Real Estate Holding, Inc. rates SpectrumLink, Inc. a #10!" --Tatiyana Farrow, Office Manager, TRP Real Estate Holding, Inc.

  • MosBest DBA Stateside

    MosBest DBA Stateside

    "We started using SpectrumLink, Inc. in September, 2015. We are currently utilizing a 100Mbps connection, which we would recommend to other companies without hesitation. On a scale from 1 to 10, we rate SpectrumLink, Inc. a #10! There connections has not gone down since we began service and the speed is excellent!" MosBest DBA Stateside