March 16, 2016


Are Fixed Wireless Broadband connections secure?

Spectrumlink, Inc. uses military grade radio equipment that support AES and triple DES encryption. All equipment uses hardware verification before transmitting. We use e-band creating, bridge wave, dragon wave and siklu for wireless PTP connections

Spectrumlink, Inc. takes security extremely seriously and treats security as paramount when building out our Radio Frequency (RF) infrastructure. Due to our security structure, Spectrumlink does not broadcast a frequency in 360 degrees. Spectrumlink service is functions by using “Line of Sight” (LOS), which means that a customer’s antenna has to be pointed at a Spectrumlink POP and the corresponding Spectrumlink antenna has to be pointed at the customer. In order to interfere or intercept a Spectrumlink signals, one would need to be directly in that “Line of Sight”. Even if the data could be captured and stored, the radio manufacturers utilize proprietary communication protocols at the RF level, which makes it virtually impossible to decipher even if the data is captured.

Does rain or other weather conditions affect service?

The Spectrumlink network is designed to withstand the effects and impact weather can have on RF signals. We guarantee a 99.99% up-time in our industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

As my broadband needs increase, can I change my connection speed?

Yes. SpectrumLink offers all customers scalable business broadband connections. Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) allows you to customize your connectivity, giving you control over your network usage like never before! The SpectrumLink network delivers you the connection your business requires when you need it most, with one phone call.

How reliable is Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Spectrumlink, Inc. technology uses a fixed signal transmission from one radio to another. Alternate technologies can lose connectivity when using mobile or going from cell site to cell site.

Our fixed wireless broadband systems support ranges of approximately 10 miles or less and never change or move once installed. This provides superior connection reliability to our customers and allows us to provide a 99.99% uptime, guaranteed by our industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

By using Microwave Fixed Wireless, electromagnetic waves travel 50% faster through the air than through a fiber optic cable. The light in the fiber cable travels through a space similar to glass, which has a higher density than air. Microwaves traveling through air travel very close to the speed of light.

What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Fixed wireless broadband is a method of delivering high speed data utilizing a microwave (wireless) connection between two fixed points. Spectrumlink, Inc. offers customers the most affordable and reliable fixed wireless broadband network in Los Angeles. All IP traffic is transported over our own wireless network utilizing high capacity microwave technology through the entire process.