unplanned internet downtime

How Much Does Unplanned Downtime Really Impact Your Business?

Business Internet Downtime Businesses today rely heavily on reliable Internet connections that support all their business data. But, what happens when that Internet connection fails and unplanned Internet downtime occurs leaving your data inaccessible, or worse, lost? For some businesses unplanned internet downtime this can spell T-h-e E-n-d. For other businesses, who can absorb a[…]

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Business Internet Connection?

Did you know 80% of companies will overspend on their business wireless internet bills this year alone? The question is; why? Before committing to a business Internet Service Provider (ISP), consider asking yourself the following questions regarding your business: How fast of an internet connection does your business need? How much bandwidth does your company[…]


Is your business moving to Los Angeles? Find out the top 5 points to consider when choosing a new Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Moving and establishing a new business or branch of a business requires a great deal of coordination in order to get your business set up and working for you as quickly as possible. Although time is most certainly of the essence, it is vital to choose an ISP that will provide your company with reliable,[…]

What’s the difference between Fiber Internet and Fixed Wireless Internet?

80% of businesses will overspend on their Internet bills this year alone. In today’s age of technology, and depending on your business location, you will likely have two choices for an Internet connection: Fiber Internet connection or Fixed Wireless Internet connection. So, what’s the difference and what can you expect? Fiber Internet Connections Simply put, fiber Internet[…]

Why wait for a fiber Internet connection when fixed wireless is already faster?

Many people view fiber internet connections as an exciting necessity based on the idea that fiber lines are a step up from other methods of acquiring Internet, including making the arrival of gigabit Internet speeds a reality. But, did you know that fiber internet connections are not the only way to achieve gigabit Internet speeds?[…]